Pet Instagramers: Scammers Changing It Up

Pet influencers are beginning to realize some of the scams now. So the scammers are changing it up a little. I came across this gem the other day on Instagram.

Ambassador? So they want you to be a diplomatic official for their “pet store”?

Of course I did a search for this Akioka_maryann, turns out there are a lot of these Akioka_(fill in random name), and all leading to the same scammy online pet store.

I guess now they’re trying to make it look more personal. They add some random name to make you feel “special” that “Mary” (or whoever) sent you over because they just “loved” your puppy or kitty.


The list of accounts that lead to the same online “pet store” went on and on. These scammers are absolutely vile! They use bots to comment on hundreds or thousands of posts to bait and hook you!
Every account leads to this online “pet store”.

Like I said in my previous post, Instagram has a serious problem with scammers. The people most at risk are your new comers (or younger people) who get excited; someone liked my puppy or kitty. These scammers use that emotion to their benefit to scam you out of your money. That’s the bait and hook, don’t be conned!

Good companies wont make you pay for their products! They wont make you pay for shipping. They won’t want a credit card, bank card, or some financial info of yours (or gift cards). This is what scammers do.

If you do receive an offer from what you think to be a legitimate company, and are uncomfortable giving out your personal address, there are alternatives. You can go to your post office and set up a drop off center (do that before you have anything shipped there).  This keeps your personal info protected. Make sure they can ship to that address (some places wont ship to a PO box. However, if you tell them its inside a building, sometimes they will ship it).


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